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Boom Town

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McMasters and Sand come to oil towns to get rich. Betsey comes West intending to marry Sand but marries McMasters instead. Getting rich and losing it all teaches McMasters and Sand the value of personal ties.

Title : Boom Town

Year : 1940

Runtime : 119

Release Dates: 1940-08-30


Actors :

Clark GableasBig John McMasters
Spencer TracyasSquare John Sand
Claudette ColbertasBetsy Bartlett
Hedy LamarrasKaren Vanmeer
Frank MorganasLuther Aldrich
Lionel AtwillasHarry Compton
Chill WillsasHarmony Jones
Bess FlowersasWorker in McMasters' New York Office
Marion MartinasWhitey
Minna GombellasSpanish Eva
Sara HadenasMiss Barnes
Joe YuleasEd Murphy
Horace MurphyasTom Murphy
Marietta CantyasMaid
Curt BoisasFerdie the Tailor
Richard LaneasAssistant D.A.
George LesseyasJudge
Frank OrthasBarber
John HamiltonasDefense Attorney
Charles ColemanasMcMasters' Butler
Nell CraigasCompton's Secretary
Byron FoulgerasGeologist
Harry HaydenasArchitect
Eddy WallerasHotel Desk Clerk in Burkburnett

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